Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore
Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore

It came to our attention that there are people who are selling panels which rating is lower than what is on the sticker. There are few fake products in the market as well. Surya Power Company has worked with our suppliers to let know the actual wattage size you are buying. This service is only for the panels supplied by Surya Power Company.

At Surya power we provide you with the flash report when the panel left the factory – so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Please key in the serial number of any panel that you have bought from Surya Power and we will provide you with the flash report.
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If you want an official letter we can provide that directly sent from the manufacture but we will have to charge you Rs / TK 1000 for that service. The manufacturer will directly send you a letter stating the wattage of the panel you want.
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